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Nimlok remains committed to environmental protection with iso certifications

Tuesday, December 10 2013 2:14 PM

Bolingbrook, IL – April 10, 2013: Nimlok, one of the world’s premier manufacturers of custom, custom modular and portable displays, recycled over 270 tons of material in 2012 as a result of its environmental and quality control efforts.

Nimlok is registered to the international quality management standard ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004, the international standard for environmental management. The company works to minimize negative effects of business and manufacturing activities on the environment. It’s efforts produced the following positive results:




216.64 tons

of cardboard

  • 1,950 cubic yards diverted from landfills
  • 3,683 trees
  • 1,516,480 gallons of water not used to process pulp
Recycled cardboard is used to produce paper towels and napkins
23.5 tons of plastic
  • 1,950 cubic yards diverted from landfills
  • 383 barrels of oil (or 16,088 gallons)
Recycled plastic is repurposed into carpet, plastic lumber, clothing insulation, car bumpers and more.

32.2 tons of



  • 322 cubic yards of aluminum diverted from landfills
  • Saves the energy equivalent of 1,286 barrels of crude oil (54,012 gallons)
Aluminum is recycled into airplanes, cars, cans and more.

This year, Nimlok continues to find ways to improve current programs and implement new projects to reduce waste materials. It’s ISO 14001:2004 green certification coupled with an ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard, ensures that Nimlok remains a solid and reliable source for quality exhibit and display production and manufacturing that minimize its negative impact on the environment.

In addition to ISO certifications, Nimlok passed an extensive social accountability audit in late 2012 to become a McDonald’s Approved Supplier, exemplifying continued commitment to environmental and quality best practices.

Nimlok is a global leader in delivering face-to-face marketing experiences, including trade show exhibits, event environments and permanent solutions for branding spaces. Now in its fourth decade, Nimlok works via a network of 200 partners in 56 countries to provide strategy and execution in custom modular design, construction, installation, dismantling and storage. www.nimlok.com

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